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Anyone out there who is into racing, modifying, hopping up, fabricating, cutting, chopping, narrowing, or just about anything mechanical should check out my pages, just click on the pictures or underlined hyperlinks below.


Smoke Um! I grew up on a farm in Valley Falls, Kansas, a little town about 30 miles north of Topeka, Kansas (which is the capitol of Kansas by the way). I had four brothers and a probably fairly normal farm life, we did the milk dairy cows thing, and also raised pigs, beef cows for market, and farmed around 2000 acres. Looking back on my farm upbringing I am more amazed than none of us boys was ever seriously injured from each of our little practical jokes on the others than anything else. I was always into mechanical things, and was building my own go-carts as far back as the 5th grade when I learned how to weld through trial and error. (Before that I had to build them out of wood)

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GMC Toter Bed