1929 Chevy "1 Ton" dually

Latest Update:

1929 Chevy "1 ton" dually with a blown 350, Enderle hat with 12 injectors controlled with an Accel Thruster EFI control; it's not going to be a racer so I plan to keep the boost at 5 PSI or lower; HP around 400 to 500. I started out putting a 700R4 behind the motor but after thinking about it for awhile I swapped it for a 4L80E   

It's got a Dana 60 rear axle with disc brakes, a 5" drop Magnum axle company front axle

I've got the motor and trans in the body and the front mounts made, also have the rear duals in the plywood bed mockup and I think I've got the bed length right to look best. 

 I've been machining everything going on the motor on a Tree 320 CNC mill, I guess with the economy the way it is I've got more time than I've got money, and I can make extra parts and sell them if there's some demand for the parts.

Things that I've made so far are the Billet dash gauge insert; the 12 injector plate under the Hat; the lower V-belt pulley and upper pulley spacer; The idler bracket for the 6-71; Rear blower bearing cap spacers for the HD bearings; I've milled the 5-spoke "Bud" rims to my own design, cutting the spokes thinner to look better (because I don't need the rims to be rated at 25,000 pounds anymore, anyway); among other small parts.

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