2012 Progress

I got a little done in 2012, originally I wanted to get the engine fired up but as I worked on that I was confronted with the fact that there was no place to run the wiring and mount the computers. (you know, the EFI; ride control; 4L80 transmission controller, ect., just your basic street rod hardware, right?) So I decided maybe I need to get the cab built so I had a place to put all that stuff.

First I pulled the cab off so I could lay it flat on the floor for the last time and get the holes cut for my AC vents. I also decided maybe to build some custom AC vents and mold them into the dash so they look like they're just stamped in the dash, here's some pictures of that, and a video below that:

Note how tight the Vintage air AC unit is under the dash, that is the smallest unit they make, too, this picture was taken with the cab sitting upside down on the floor.

Here's a video showing the making of the AC vents.

I originally had mounted a 700R4 in my truck because some of my racing/transmission friends said it would be fine for a motor making 500 HP if you modify it right, but after worrying about it every since I put it in I finally did a little basic math: Let's see, it would cost around $1200 to build the 700R4 to handle 500 HP and then if it breaks I'll have to buy more high dollar parts to fix it, or I could get a 4L80E off of Craigslist for $300, get a transmission controller for $600, and then put a $130 shift kit which Transgo claims bumps the HP capacity to 750 HP. I guess it doesn't make much sence to not run a 4L80.

Now I'll have to cut that driveshaft up that I made for that 700R4 and redo it to fit the 4L80, there's about 1/2" difference


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