2013 Progress

Started a little late this year because winter decided to stick around until May, and then I had to stop and make some more Remote TPS brackets to sell because I ran out; AND THEN one of the axis on my CNC mill started jerking (actually it had started jerking and acting up about a year ago but I put it off because I knew it was going to be a bitch to go back and figure it out); but it finally stopped so I had to go back and figure out what I did to tune the servos 7 years ago when I originally retrofitted it (Some day I'm going to have to get rid of the old analog servo motor drives and go to digital drives, but at about $1200 per axis to switch it looks like I'll probably be running analogs for awhile, yet) I did, however get it figured out even though the Galil servo tuning software that I bought 7 years ago would no longer take my password, (and Galil was unwilling to give me a new password even though I still had the email with my original purchase and the original password), I guess Galil thinks that their customers should pay $200 for software that they only use about 1 day everytime they need to use it. Anyway, I was ably to figure out how to tune the servos manually and they seem to be smoother than I ever remember them being the first time with the software. I made a small book for myself to guide me 7 years from now when I need to tune the servos again. LOL

AND THEN I was finally able to start on the truck by figuring out how much I wanted to chop the roof and chopping the front windshield and doors 4" .

29 Chevy Truck

and then I'm replacing all the original wood that held the cab together with steel, not as easy as it sounds but it should be pretty stout when I get done.

29 Chevy Truck

I thought she needed to be outside for some fresh air for the first time since I started it so I set up a little photo-op with our CTS

(or as my wife likes to put it, her CTS)

29 Chevy Truck29 Chevy truck / Cadillac CTS

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