2014 Progress

I started this year with mounting my Dakota Digital air ride controller, I got the one with the individual wheel height sensors and decided to make some simple brackets to mount them inside the frame rail so they can be hidden under some access panels.

Click on the thumbs for a better veiw

Ride sensors and fabricated mountsFrame hole cut for sensorsBrackets welded in; air line routing

On the back I also mounted the sensors hidden inside the framerail, mounted the shocks and boxed the frame with the access panels.

Rear sensor and shock, boxing frameFrame access panel, sensor arm mounted to rearRear axle ready to finish weld

Then I pulled out the front and rear axles and finished welding both, I decided to epoxy-primer the rear axle since it was basically done, I wasn't sure about the front yet so I left it bare metal.

Welding rear axleAxle primered and reinstalledTires mounted back on axle

Next I decided to do my seat so I took apart the Caravan 3rd row seat and started fitting it in the cab; it was about 5" to wide so I took the upholstery off and cut down the base 5". I then put the back of the seat in the cab and it was about right at the top, but the bottom was to wide so I decided to pinch the back of the frame in. Then I made the hinge to flip my seat base to the rear to access under the seat, you'll have to watch the video for that, then my wife helped me chop and sew the original seat covers so I could fit them back over my modified frames so I can finish setting up the cab stuff and I'll get it upholstered when I have them do the rest of the interior.

Seat Rear 1 side pinched inSeat both sides pinched, mounting brackets Starting to make seat hinge

Then I turned my attention to the floorpan under the seat, I first made a wire routing box from my framerail to under the seat, then I used .055" steel for the floorpan.

Frame access boxRear floorpanWire routing holes

So I then turned my attention to the steering column, I had a 1991 or 92 Camaro column from another project and it would plug directly into my wiring harness so I decided to shorten it and use it, I was able to make it about half as long as it was without disturbing the ignition switches mounted on the tube, it's all better explained in the video but here's the dash piece & the steering column clamp I milled out to hold the column

1991 Steering columnDash pieceColumn clamp

I'll get more info on here later this week

 I just made one video this year to cover everything so it's 13 minutes long but it's divided into sections which I've listed out the jump-to seconds below.

2014 cut down a Minivan 3rd row seat (1:55) and made it flip up for under seat access; Shortened a 1991 Camaro steering column, made column mounts (3:55), and mated it to my dash; Did some finish-welding on front and rear axles and some frame boxing (7:55); mounted the Dakota Digital air ride controller sensors and hardware and tested it (11:35).

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