Z-24 Cavalier (350 Tuned Port)

At first glance it may not seem to out of the ordinary, but that was the main motivator in me wanting to build it. Tuned Port 350 Z-24 Cavalier RWDYou're probably thinking it's just an everyday '87 Cavalier Z-24 with some out of the ordinary rims (16" OZ 5-spokes). But they don't make rims like that for a Z-24............. For motivation there's now a 355 cube small block with 4 bolt mains, steel crank 11 to 1 compression, some decent flowing early 70's heads, and a mild (for me) .470 lift Crower Cam, and topped off with a '90 Tuned Port speed density EFI intake. For now I'm going with the factory ECM. Behind the motor I'm running a '93 Vette 4L60-E, and in the rear it's got a 9" Ford with disc brakes geared at 3.25. If you haven't already guessed it's rear wheel drive now, and if it had the horsepower to pull it; 200 mph is only around 6000 RPM with the gearing I'm running. Realistically I figure it will top out around 165 mph or so.

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