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(I sold this car on October 7th, 1998; it is now in the Federal Way / Seattle, Washington area)

To fast for the "Fast and the Furious"......

It's funny how after that movie came out all of a sudden almost every 15 to 25 year old on the internet has an 8 or 9 second Toyota or Honda. 

Funny thing though.....Where are they? 

Don't see them on the street, don't see them at the strip. There are a few on the internet with LOTS of posted coverage, but the key word here is a FEW.

 Anyway, enough of my rant, this was my '57 Chevy 210 Hardtop (only 22,000 of this body style made) that I bought in 1979, it was mostly stock then, but I took care of that! I did all the work myself including building the motor, the only things I didn't do are the paint, which a friend did for me, and the Transmission. It has a full NHRA certified tube chassis with struts that I bent up (it was not built from a kit). I run a Hipster Powerglide 2 speed trans in it and a 4.33 geared 9" Ford rear end that I narrowed with Mark Williams spool and axles. It's motivation came from a 572 cubic inch big block, which you can read more about at the bottom of the page. 

My best times for the car are 5.72 seconds at 122 MPH eighth mile;   8.98 at 150 MPH quarter mile. (1.29 - 60 foot) For any of you not familiar with drag racing that's zero to 60 MPH in 1.68 seconds!

The 572 uses a Chevy "Pro Stock" bowtie block bored to 4.562;Dart 320 aluminum heads (unported); Callies 4340 "non-twist" 4.375 stroke crank; Carrillo + .250 long rods; BRC 13.0 to 1 Pistons; Jesel Belt drive; .748 lift Lunati Roller; Holley Pro-Dominator tunnel ram with 2 - 1050 Dominators; Complete MSD crank trigger ignition with Timing Computer; N.O.S "Fogger" Nitrous system currently set on 250 HP; and a Barry Grant BG-400 pump and system; and numerous parts designed and machined by me (including the fuel pressure regulator mounts, lower pulley, overflow tank mounts, tunnel ram carb linkage, front strut suspension, and more).

On my home page the background picture was at the Kansas City Street car shootout in '95 just warming the tires up for another pass. I normally just put it in 1st and bring it up to 7000 RPM, click it into 2nd and let out the line lock and hammer it, it usually will go to the 60 foot mark smoking the tires, seems the people in the bleachers enjoy that alot (I go through 1 set of slicks a summer though).  I enjoy racing it, but I don't have the money to run it much more than a few times a summer (racing an 8 second car isn't cheap), so I enjoy the street scene with it mostly, and even did a leg of the Hot Rod magazine's Powertour with it in eight second trim, the only changes being switching from slicks to D.O.T. tires, and pulled down 8 mpg on the trip. I got a small picture in September 1996 Hot Rod magazine for that . Just click on the pictures or the underlined text below to move around in my site

572 Cube  (test fitting in another car) with 1050 Dominators, 4 corner reverse flow cooling with remote mount water pump This motor put out around 1000 HP.

I have a few old pictures of my '57 that I started building (at least this stage) in 1989 and finished in 1990. These are some old scratchy photos, but if you're interested click on any image below for some more pics.

I built this car in an old 20' by 30' Farm building, not some fancy chassis shop, so the next time someone says you can't.....

Construction1.jpg (327805 bytes)Construction2.jpg (315437 bytes)Construction4.jpg (334761 bytes)Construction5.jpg (328115 bytes)

Construction8.jpg (353126 bytes)Construction9.jpg (395132 bytes)Construction10.jpg (318136 bytes)Photo from pages of Hot Rod Magazine, taken during PowerTour stop in Kansas City

Here's some old videos of drag racing at the  Kansas City Street Car Shootout in 1994, I've got some more on VHS but I'm not sure how to get them transfered over to MPEG


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