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 This page contains links that I've found to companies that carry Electronic Fuel Injection units, pieces or info. If anyone knows of other sites e-mail me and I'll give 'em a link here. 

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6-71 and 8-71 EFI 8 injector Blower plates Parts

 Interactive Fuel injector sizing program 

Electronic Fuel Injection Literature / Magazines

Retrofitting Companies (Modify your Intake to EFI)

Injector Size calculator & factory injector size chart

ECM's and System

Harley Fuel Injection

EFI related software for PC's

Dealers of EFI Systems

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Electronic Fuel Injection Literature / Magazines

I thought it might be a good idea to start with informative books on the subject, good books are few and far between on this subject.

Fuel Injection: Installation, Performance Tuning, Modifications
      Publisher: Motorbooks International
By: Jeff Hartman..... Fuel Injection untangles the mystery and answers readers' fuel injection questions. From its coverage of carburetion and fuel induction theories to tips on installing and tuning modern injection systems, this book covers everything a performance-minded tuner needs to know. Available also at your local bookstore in addition to the NetstoreUSA link above.....very informative reading, if you don't know how fuel injection works now, you will be an expert after reading this.

GM High Tech Performance Magazine
If you like American EFI, subscribe to this mag - you won't regret it. ..

Retrofitting Companies (Modify your Intake to EFI, wiring harnesses, ect.)


Speed Scene Wiring  They Make custom wiring harnesses for swapping in EFI motors to non EFI cars, looks like if you have a TBI vehicle they can also make a harness to marry the two systems into one. 

Fuel Injection - Muscle Cars Street Rods - Fuel Injection Conversions Rance EFI; From conversions to complete systems Including Accel Gen 7 DFI ECM's in stock

ECM's and System

EFI SupplyCarry's a lot of the leading EFI controllers including FAST; Big Stuff; Accel DFI; Accel Thruster; EZ; and others

In case anBig Stuff IIIyone is wondering how I decide who goes where on this list, it's simply the links that I add to my list last go on top, every link that I put on here is a link that I am i

 One of the current top controllers 


 Rance EFI  A very good site - with, and should all be looked into. 

OnTronic fuel injection   Swiss developed Fuel injection - looks good

MegaSquirt - Electronic Fuel Injection Computer by Bowling & Grippo    Okay, now we're getting somewhere, here's a solder together kit that will let you literally build your own ECM. You can also get assembled systems ready to install.

They do systems and tuning, Gas and Diesel, nice site

www.beninca.com.au   Autronic dealer who also offers wiring looms finished to a vehicle spec. Can create a Plug and Play package including a tuned "Map". This is dependant on excess to a sample vehicle but have had success and wish to pursue this direction.

Dons Auto Pages - EFI  A lot of good EFI links on this site, as well as links to just about any automotive related site that you could think of.

EMS   Engine Management Systems. Check it out, tune by both the laptop interface or a hand piece interface.

Accel DFI  This looks like the first serious contender to the Fel-Pro ECM, I'll be staying glued to my High Tech Performance magazine awaiting the shootout of these two very top of the line systems.

F.A.S.T. EFI  Now it looks like it's called F.A.S.T. This is the current bad boy ECM in the street car shootout classes- Fel-Pro (F.A.S.T) has really got their sh-t  together with this one.

Holley's Commander 950 Multi-Point Fuel Injection Systems  Here's Holley, looks like they're starting to really get serious about Electronic Fuel Injection.

Injection Technology - wiring harnesses and fuel injection units Like it says, they've got some nice harnesses and other things for your EFI swap.

White Racing & Marine White has got a very impressive site, and one thing that they are making that I think is very overdue in the EFI aftermarket is what they call "Plug-n-Play" systems. What this does is enable you to plug an Accel or Fel-Pro ECM into the factory wiring harness of your existing fuel injected car, eliminating the need to rip the factory harness out and put the aftermarket harness in (not fun, believe me). They have complete systems for most popular applications, so check them out. They've also got anything else EFI you could ever need, so give them a look -

Perfect Power Some nice looking systems on this site, including piggyback systems for your existing ECM's. Haven't seen any prices yet, but it looks interesting so far.

Wolf Engine Management Systems More really nice controllers, I've gotten quite a few E-mails saying I need to include this site - sorry I took so long.

Simple Digital Systems EM-2  This seems to be one of the most reasonably priced units I've seen

Haltech Engine Management Systems

EFI Technologies Pricey


Electromotive, Inc.

Edelbrock Multi-Point EFI

Street & Performance

Fuel Injection Specialties

MoTeC Engine Management Systems

Speartech Fuel Injection Systems

Advanced Engine Management - Home of Wolf EMS Programmable Fuel Injection, Ignition Control, CDI         This place has some real nice ECM's  hardware/software, definitely worth your time to take a look - Has a real nice injector flow rate table there, too.

 EFI Technology Inc. leading manufacturer of high performance engine control, data logging instrumentation and telemetry systems for all motorsports motor sport instruments sensors sports car electronics fuel injection ignition telemetry wiring racing instruments ecu engine controllers modified engines mapping EFI Technology sport dash displays  I think that about says enough, I'm not sure if this is the same company as the one above, but this site is in the states

Harley Fuel Injection.

I owned a Harley for a short time so I'm no diehard, but I loved the bike, shelled out the extra money to buy one because I think a Harley is worth it, but after seeing what the parts to fix it up cost I decided that street rodding was more affordable.

I mean, come on, there's no way anyone is going to convince me that I should pay more for one billet Harley wheel than I can buy a whole set of 4 billet wheels for my car for, or that a fuel injection system for a Harley should cost more than a fuel injection system for a Big Block Chevy, or.....I think my point is made.....Loved the bike, hated the "he owns a Harley so he should expect to get gouged" Harley aftermarket parts people.

I'll try to find some more Harley EFI companies since I see there's a lot of people coming to my site in search of it, and one way or another I'm going to find Harley EFI for a reasonable price.

One idea that I can think of would be to inquire on one of the retro-fit companies listed above, they could probably build you a better system than you could buy.


Motorcycle Fuel Injection Kits and Electronic Fuel Injection Systems - EFI      Dobeck Performance Products


v A D - Automotive Performance Technology     Looks like they're working on some Harley EFI, nice site, too

Whitek Engine Control System     Aftermarket Electronic Fuel Injection for Harleys, although it's quite pricey.

MegaSquirt - Electronic Fuel Injection Computer by Bowling & Grippo 

EFI related software for PC's

AutoChart Inc.: Graphing Software For Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Systems

Dealers of EFI Systems

Messler Products Company: Here's a company that deals in building high horsepower EFI systems, along with Street Rod frames, and more, Check them out...

 Racing Computer Systems Dealer of GEMS systems and more

Marren Motor Sports Fuel injector cleaning and blueprinting, and they also deal in complete systems.

 RC Engineering Another fuel injector clean and blueprint company, they also sell new injectors among other parts.

Automotive sites worth visiting

Do it yourself Electronic Fuel Injection

MegaSquirt - Electronic Fuel Injection Computer by Bowling & Grippo    Okay, now we're getting somewhere, here's a solder together kit that will let you literally build your own ECM


Parts to Assemble Plates

EFI blower plates parts


Enderle Hats

Bug - Bird - Buzzard catcher Hat 

Accel DFI
MSD Injectors

Line Hardware
BDS # 56400 cap to hook to 3AN Line
BDS # 56401 clip for above cap
3/16" SS Tubing "Inline Tube"
3/16" SS Tubing "Good Vibrations Racing"

3/16" SS Tubing "Godman Hi-Performance"
Aluminum & Steel tube nuts and sleeves AN -03

Stainless steel tube nuts AN -03 "Godman Hi-Perf"

Stainless Steel Tube Sleeve AN -03 "Godman"

Tubing Bender Tools for above line

45 Deg double flaring tool for Tubing

Distribution Blocks
8 port dist. block W/fittings  # E-4027
12 port dist block W/fitting #E-4027A

Throttle Position Sensor mounts

Enderle remote mount TPS block & progressive linkage

 Cable mount TPS "TCI"

 GM TPS Sensor Identification

2 Fuel Flow Diagrams (click on thumbs)

Fuel Flow Diagram.jpg (65195 bytes) 


For those making their own plates this page has links for finding tubing & parts





Here's the location of a “cap” for the injector that will allow you to hook up straight to a #3AN line



           I have an interactive Injector sizing program and charts showing what the factory lbs/hr flow ratings are if you want to save some money and do some searching.

      A lot of you have probably checked into EFI setups for your 6-71 or 8-71’s and were discouraged about the $6000.00 to $9000.00 and up price tag that those systems cost, and I guess if you’ve got more money than talent I suppose that’s the route you’ll have to go, BUT a blown EFI system can be built for not much more than a good set of carbs cost, if you are willing to do your homework.

  (Carbs are okay, but sometimes it’s nice to know that your car will run every time you try to drive it, not great one minute and blowing fuel out the vent tubes the next minute)


For the computer the sky is the limit on what you could run, from the 1227749 ECM from a (re-chipped) Chevy Syclone or GMC Typhoon Pickup/SUV which a lot of Camaro/Firebird people have used on their pressurized applications (any factory batch fired computer from turbo or supercharged car could work in theory; it would depend on how much aftermarket support there is for it, or how well you are at figuring out how it works). A sequential fired computer doesn’t make much sense when you’re squirting through a blower.

There’s also DIYautotune.com making Megasquirt ECM’s and selling them for under $250 for the kit to around $400 for an assembled one, or look at the Accel DFI’s; F.A.S.T ECM’s; Haltech; or?



 You can get the BDS plates here


and feel free to use my links to get the tubing and other supplies to make them less expensively.


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