These are some sketches of cars I'd like to build someday if I ever get the time - Tandem Axle Crew Cab Cabover Truck Chevy The first would be a '52 cabover, I've found some of these bodies around locally, but the farmers, so far, haven't wanted to give them up very cheap. I would probably use a '52 or so pickup cab to stretch it out to the four door configuration; they appear to be the same cab.

 American Graffiti '90's style 32 duece coupe

  '32 5 window coupe; I've seen a lot of "nostalgia" styled American Graffiti coupes, but it's just not my style to build something that's outdated. Mine would be as John Milner would have built it today if he were still out on the streets. I would have a 572 to 632 Chevy Blown or injected with a Birdcatcher Fuel Injection hat on top, and it would be backed up with a 16 injector EFI setup. I would hope the ET's would drop into the mid to lower 8's in the quarter, and with the EFI my mileage would probably pick up to around 10 to 15 mpg on the highway (on E-85 of coarse). Maybe someday...........

My '29 Chevy in (slow) progress


1929 Chevy street rod

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