2010 Progress

This year I was doing a lot of the little stuff that's not very exciting and consumes a lot of time, such as building the Enderle injector linkage (with provisions for a TPS sensor), the driveshaft, the alternator brackets, rebuilding the running board splash apron, ect.
While I was wanting to get the motor fired this summer, I got caught up in all the little things that need to be done, currently (Aug. 10) mounting the aluminum radiator and electric fans and test fitted the hood (dropped the radiator shell 1-1/2" and leaned it back 2") and now I want to finish mount the hood, sides, ect. (I'm going to make the hood open up like a normal car hood, but I've got some ideas that will make it a little different) The radiator was built for a '32 Ford but the measurements were right and it really mounted a lot easier than I thought it would, and even sits back so the AC condenser has room on the front.

First was the injector linkage, and I'll just put the video I made in to show that:


Next was the running board splash apron, originally that was made out of .035" thick steel and since it was in a spot where it could have some weight put on it occasionally I wanted to make it out of .125" thick steel, so I milled a .050" thick step on the top side of the .125" by 8" wide cold finished steel so I could weld the new top and original sides together: (as always, click on thumb for better pic)

Splash apron beforeSplash apron after

After running the air suspension up and down a few times I was trying to fit my alternator to the engine and got concerned a little bit because the alternator wouldn't quite fit with the suspension all the way down so I looked around for a smaller one and Nippondenso made a very small one, but it looked like it was only putting out about 50 amps which I didn't feel was enough, so I settled on a GM CS121 Alternator which was smaller than a standard GM, and put out 80 amps, so I figured that would work.

I had to mount it as high on the side as I could and had to make all the brackets to mount that, here's the finished brackets.


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