'29 Chevy dually 2018 progress

 I just realized that I haven't put my 2018 progress on here, so last year I started out with some modifications that I wanted to do on my Enderle Hat.

I didn't need the 3000 CFM that the hat flowed with all 3 holes so I blocked off 2 of them for driving on the street, then I made the air cleaner so it was inside the hat where it looks like I'm running open all the time, showing the modifications here:

So after I got the Enderle modified the way I want it I went on to getting my master cylinder mounted, I was wanting to mount it under the floorboard which is the normal streetrod place to mount it; but there just isn't any more room under there so I decided to get a polished master cylinder and just mount it on the firewall. My firewall wasn't exactly flat where the master cylinder needed to be mounted so I needed to make a piece that would bolt up the master cylinder, go through the uneven firewall and hook up to my brake pedal; so I got an 18 pound block of steel and cut it into something I could stick through the firewall and weld in, it ended up being about 3 pounds when I was done with it. Then I built the brake pedal and bolted it up to the block from the inside of the dash.

SO NEXT.........

Building the Pickup Bed

I've been looking forward to getting to the pickup bed for awhile, so after looking at some other truck beds and the factory Chevy beds for that year I decided the Chevy beds were just butt-ugly; so I was going to have to do something else even if I had to bend it up and make my own design. I really liked the looks of the 29 Ford pickup bed so I got in touch with "Last Refuge Hotrod" in Dolores, Colorado and I had them bend me up the steel to make a 57" long bed that would be 1-1/2" wider to fit my cab with reveals like my drawing:


So I got all the pieces for the bed and started putting them together:

(Any of these thumbnail pics can be clicked on for a larger image)

Just a few picks, the video shows the pickup bed fabrication including making inner fenderwells, lower floor/trunk and my "toolbox" gas tank box:


So this brings it all to an end for 2018, now I just need to make my 2019 page.....

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